An advanced general purpose data management and archiving utility supporting a wide spectrum of storage media including floppy, Zip disks, hard drives, net drives, FTP, and R/W CD.

Using VLXpress' integrated drag & drop system facilitates data archiving and retrieval tasks such as file backup and restore, searching, transfer, relocation, statistics generation and maintenance. Selected objects are quickly and efficiently compressed to reduce the amount of space required to store the data on the desired medium. A detailed yet easily accessible catalog of archived files is stored for later reference and data restoration.

The integrated FreePaK component enables the distribution of compressed (SFX) SelF-eXtracting archives which require no additional host products.

 Features v1.01

Flexible archives provide an enhanced level of data management.
Excellent compression.
Superior decompression speed.
Automatic restore path restructuring.
User controlled restore target.
Multilevel password protection.
Media spanning.
Efficient catalog renders full transaction detail and allows for quick reference.
Local file/folder support - comparable to Windows Explorer.
Archive media types include FTP for those having secure offsite storage requirements.
Multiple version support - archives are data version independent.
Integrated SFX generator.

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