A feature packed Windows 95/98/ME/2K/XP  FTP client.
Easy to use, yet powerful - try it free for 30 days at no cost or obligation.

Features v1.00
Host-To-Host transfers including Dual mode support (Standard and Indirect).
Connects  to 2 FTP sites simultaneously.
Round Trip Drag and Drop file/folder transfers.
Easy to use pre-configured Site Administrator.
Autodial, AutoHangUp and automatic Internet connection type detection.
Resume on Download and Upload.
Extensive Local file support - comparable to Windows Explorer.
Auto Open and Associate on download.
External Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer, Find etc.
Duplex ShoppingCart (file/folder queuing) on Upload and Download.
QuickConnect - tracks and provides instant access to your most recently visited sites.
Task Scheduler including full Broadcast support.
Right mouse Drag and Drop on Upload with context.
Comprehensive FTP Search - supports anchored and unanchored searching for files/folders with optional recursion, case sensitivity etc.
Broadcast support on upload and download - single action One-to-Many transfer facility.
Direct FTP Command interface including QUOTE.
Complete transfer type support - Auto ASCII, ASCII and Binary transfers - user selectable at file level.
Permission and Time stamp modification - site dependent.
Stay connected support - automatically prevents disconnection during idle periods - applicable to most sites.
Help system includes several practical How To... examples.
Free upgrades applicable to all minor versions.

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