LiveCon! provides easy-to-use Internet/network connection logging and log analysis functionality:
  • Continuous log analysis utilities:
    • Can analyze last minute, hour, day, week, year etc.
    • Specific time period can be analyzed (i.e. state of network from June 2, 1993 12:05 PM to September 5, 1994 1:34 PM)
    • Easy Calendar view for data selection

  • Variety of analysis types provided:
    • Connection statistics & percentages
    • List connection, disconnection, and packet loss periods
    • List all or specific log entries

  • Outputs analyzed data (including percentages and times) as plain text for use in other applications or email
    • Copy results to Clipboard or to a Text File
    • Results can be read in any text file reader (i.e. Windows Notepad)

  • Optional startup of LiveCon! when Windows boots up
  • Echo Host Address & Echo Interval can be changed by the user
  • LiveCon! echoes target computer with standard TCP/IP ICMP (with minimal network strain)
  • Connection Status / Last Ping display window

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